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Humic Acid Organic Manure Black Particles Organic Fertilizer China Manufacturer

Brand Name INA
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


Appearance black pallet (3mm/ 4 mm/ 6mm)
Organic matter 45%min
Total chicken manure 80%min
Amino Acid 10%min
N+P+K 6% min
Moisture 15% max
Color Black

• Reliable release curve in all environmental conditions
• Reduced fossil-fuel based Nitrogen inputs
• Reduced carbon footprint for a farming organization
• Natural product with no environmental impact
• User friendly, safe for employees to handle
• High carbon content makes excellent food source for soil biology
• No risk for tip burn normally associated with nitrates or volitilization of ammonia

Package and Delivery

Package: in 25kgs Plastic Woven Bags or 25kgs Kraft Paper Bags or jumbo bags. Or as customers' requirements.

Delivery: by fist class shipping company with most competitive ocean freight charge and best service.

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