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High Quality for Organic and Inorganic Compound Fertilizer

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  Product name    natural fertilizer
   Organic matter           ≥300g/L    
   Crude Protein           ≥250g/L
   NPK           ≥120g/L
   Amino acid           ≥90g/L
   humic acid           ≥50g/L
   B+Zn+Ca+Mg          ≥40g/L
   PH          6-7


★ Stimulate activities of soil microorganism
★ Reduce pollutants in the soil
★ Promotes root development
★  Increases nutrient uptake
★  Decreases drought- and pesticide-induced stress
★  Increases seed germination and enhances development of radicles
★  Improves the yield of crops

Package and Storage:

20KG/Bag,10KG/Bag.(Kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside)

Please keep sealed and store in a dry place.

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